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REVIEW: Greenglass House

Greenglass House

Author: Kate Milford

ages:  9-14ish

I liked this book because it made sense the whole way through. All the puzzles were solved, no mysteries where left unexplained. There are some occurrences and coincidences that seem unlikely, but not extremely so and it isn’t irritating. There are ghosts (or, I will say, at least mention of ghosts – no spoilers) but it is not scary, actually very funny. I hope this doesn’t ruin the book for you, but there is an interesting plot-twist near the end.

It is an enjoyable book full of vibrant characters and places. The author has some amazing talent with characters. They feel very alive, even though they are extremely fictitious. They are right there around you. Maybe it isn’t that they are described perfectly, but that you are given just enough detail to fully flesh out the character yourself, so that they are real to you. It’s quite impressive for a 9-14 book.


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