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Each sentence is in a different code. There are 6 sentences.

You can solve them any way you want to, but this clue might help (or make you roughly 200 times more confused).

   YOUR CLUE : Marlett, Windings and 7 Shelf Symbols are symbols of Words

2018-07-02 (2)

If you decrypt one sentence, you can ask for a clue to another.

I have made adjacent words different colours, and one in each pair of similar symbols blue (because even I struggled to tell them apart). 

After 5 people have shared in the comments that they’ve solved it (don’t lie), I’ll give an extra clue.

Actually, as proof that you’ve solved anything, leave it in the comments but encode it some other way to avoid spoilers. And so I get to play around with amateur decryption too.

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