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REVIEW: Wundersmith: the Calling of Morrigan Crow


Author: Jessica Townsend
Ages: 12+

Morrigan Crow, Wunderous Society, 12. Recently unveiled evil sorcerer. Or so they say. ‘They’ being her new classmates/colleges/adopted siblings/friends. Jupiter, her mentor, is always away. Everyone is so scared of her that she is only allowed to take one class, ever. The history of her ‘evil’ predecessors, and why she herself was born evil. Then she watches her best friend, real friend, taking dragon riding lessons. Horrible, but not the worst. The real undeniably-terrifyingly-unbelievably evil sorcerer is trying to train her in her talents. Still not the worst. Because she is tempted. She wants to, needs to learn. And she is terrified because he seems nice. Not bad enough for someone who has spent there entire lives being avoided and blamed for everything, mistakenly accused of being cursed? Mistakenly. She isn’t sure. And now she has to save her new ‘friends’ from a deadly black market.

This is the captivating sequel to Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow It is just as long, but possibly even better. It is slightly creepy, but, in my opinion, less so than other reviews make out. It will have you instantly transported into a fascinating new realm. Sometimes the plot may seem a bit uncreative, but there are plenty of creative bits to make up for it, and more. It is exiting, colorful, new, involving and irresistible.

It there is a potentially-soppy sacrifice-for-you-even-though-you-hated-them, but it seems that Morrigan has a realistic opinion of it. A very interesting twist from the standard and expected.

I have a thing, or at least used to (I admit it. I am writing this paragraph a year after I wrote the rest of the review), about books being over-descriptive of the character being shamed for something they didn’t do/isn’t actually anything or being put down when someone else takes credit for their successes. The latter isn’t relevant to this book, but I think (hope) we all know the feeling. It isn’t very enjoyable to read. We know how the characters feel. Please don’t ruin our day. This sort of stuff happens a bit in Wundersmith, but not so much as to ruin it. I can still re-read it. I have an growing feeling that it is just me.

I hope I can soon share my opinion on Book 3.


See my review on Nevermoor: The Calling of Morrigan Crow


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