Book of the Week

REVIEW: Thunder Dog


Author: Michael Hingson

Ages: 10+ (includes adults)

A moving, exiting, beautiful story of a the trust between a visually impaired man and his guide dog and their escape from the World Trade Centre, 9/11… This is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. I found it a bit confusing in some places, but I still loved it. It is not just about the man’s escape, it also tells a lot about his earlier life. The story seemed somehow more real than most; as if it’s happening right now, all around you, which isn’t the same as ‘transports you into a new world’. It is not like many non-fiction books (even stories about people) because it does not give the felling that the author is just stating facts, although maybe that is just because it is an autobiography.It is appropriate for all ages, and you really should read it if you don’t understand what it means to be blind. It also gives some interesting information about guide dogs, an extra bonus🐶

It is an inspiring story of someone who didn’t use his disadvantages as an excuse and has set out to tell the world to do the same.


I first listened to this book on Audible

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