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REVIEW: The Last Hero


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 11+ (Including adults)

The Last Hero is a surprisingly emotional book for Terry Pratchett. That does not mean a whole lot. Many of his books are deep and make you think, but the ways he does it in  The Wee Free Men and this book are very different. It is still hilarious. It might be a tiny bit age-restricted in parts, but totally ignorable. This book focuses more on how stories and fairy tales work than how they are mistaken; it is more about how for, example, the bad guy’s jail guards are always supposed to be incredibly stupid than the fact that no intelligent evil person would allow people to break into their castle so easily. There is the idea of traditions being lost and lives being forgotten.  The ending will feel sad and inconclusive to some and beautiful to others. Overall, it is still a captivating, humorous story.


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