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REVIEW: The Broken Lands


Author: Kate Milford

Ages: 12/13+

If you want to read this because you enjoyed Greenglass House by the same author, be warned: it is a completely different book. It is quite creepy, and definitely very strange. There are mythical creatures, which is fine, but at some points I feel like the whole ‘magical, mythical, mysterious‘ theme was taken too far. It starts off with only some strange people and old, creepy folklore that turns out to not be just made-up stories, and those sort of things, but near the end there is some serious magic (although that’s probably the wrong word, it implies fairies and tinkly glittery stuff), like when the girl talks to the wind, walks on air and, especially, has a conversation with a hallucination of her uncle. The main character is a sort of gambler, if that means anything to you. It is also quite gory in places. If murder and dead bodies creep you out, stay away from this book. It also mentions the devil. Like The Left-Handed Fate, The Broken Lands is written with language that won’t bore you. It also mentions Liao, the boy from The Left Handed Fate, as the man who adopted Jin. It is a bit humorous in parts, but not very. It is set in New York, 1877


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