Book of the Week

REVIEW: Reaper Man


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 11+ (Adults included)

Death is going to die. Soon.
In Reaper Man, the main character loses his job. Nothing new there. The only problem is, the main character is Death himself. Nothing is dying, just being physically separated from the body. And everything wants to live, even the stones…

Wizard/zombie Windle Poons is an important character and the book is often written from the perspective of the wizards. Wizard-themed Discworld books aren’t usually my favorite, but  Reaper Man is amazing.
I’m still a bit confused about how some pieces fit in with each other (like what the trollies had to do with Death being fired), but it makes enough sense to be understandable.
In Reaper Man, Death experiences life and time for the first, um, time ever. This provides some interesting ideas to think about – a new perspective on life. Death experiences anger, exhaustion, kindness, evil and friendship for himself after looking at them from the outside, only dutifully doing his job, since the beginning of time.

This is Terry Pratchett’s second book focusing on Death, the first of which is  Mort.


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