Book of the Week

REVIEW: Night Watch


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 12+ (adults included)

The blurb for this book may make it seem like Commander Vimes of the Watch intentionally goes back in time to change the past. He does not. If you are bothered by the idea of going back in time and messing with history (I can relate), don’t worry, it’s not that bad.
Night Watch
is still a little disturbing. It’s obvious that Vimes returns to his time, doesn’t destroy the universe, and is still married to Sybil by the end of the book, because there are twelve more books about the Discworld – most of which at least mention Vimes – but he is significantly changing history.
Night Watch is intense and captivating. It is, obviously, hilarious, but with serious messages (probably) – although not as obvious ones as in some of Terry Pratchett’s books. There are some definitely not child-friendly parts (nothing is actually mentioned directly, though, just as the ‘strange doings’ in the Shades)
It is useful to have read this book, because a lot of information of the backgrounds of pretty much every Ankh-Morporkian – including Havelock Vetinari – is given.


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