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REVIEW: Making Money


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 12+ (adults included)

Making Money is an amazing, colorful, humorous and exiting example of Terry Pratchett’s best. It is the second of his books to focus on Moist van Lipwig (who is now being threatened to take charge of the mint) and is just as impressive as the first, Going Postal.
This book does not have the slightly creepy element of  Going Postal, although there is a slightly mad and out-of-date ghost of a wizard. It defiantly has some gross bits. If you through up at the thought of gangrene, this is not really the book for you. It has some child-unfriendly parts (eg. mention of the Pink Pussycat club)
It almost feels as if too much of Moist’s life was skipped between the two books, and it isn’t clear how much time has passed.
Adora Belle attempts to fool the Low King and, effectively, steal tons of riches from the dwarf lands – and succeeds, in a way… This might irritate those who had firmly believed that the King was a ‘good guy’ (not that he’s show as a bad guy). Strange how the Discworld can get to you…
It makes fun of humorless clowns, control-freak accountants and old ladies who leave their fortunes to their dogs.
Making Money has a few clever, but in one case almost predictable, plot twists. It is a bit confusing (why base your currency on golems? Why? You could just, you know, bury them anyway), but not hard to follow. The conclusion also seems like a bit of a let-down. How do you win the eyebrow-raising competitions if you can’t raise an eyebrow?
If that last bit didn’t make sense to you, read the book.


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