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REVIEW: Lords and Ladies


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 12/13+ (adults included)

I have heard that this book is quite creepy. I’m not so sure. I think maybe ‘slightly creepy’ works better, unless mind control and extradimensional unstoppable invasions qualify as ‘considerably creepy’ for you, but

 it consistently creepy throughout the book.
There is definitely some mildly age-restrictable content.
Lords and Ladies gives some of both Esme Weatherwax’s (Granny/Mistress Weatherwax’s) and Mustrum Ridcully’s background, although it is a bit hard to follow what did and didn’t happen.
I don’t want to waste your time by saying that it was funny, because all Terry Pratchetts are.
This time, the ‘hidden message’ (AKA theme/focus) is of (/on if you chose ‘focus’) all the little stories and all the little lies we tell ourselves that subtly change our view of the world.


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