Book of the Week

REVIEW: Witches Abroad


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 12ish+ (adults included)

Witches Abroad focusses on the power of stories; in this case how they change the world rather than people’s thoughts. In this book, three witches of Lancre travel to Genua to stop a powerful fairy godmother from becoming even more powerful by stopping the stories, armed with only an old wand that can do anything – so long as it involves a lot of pumpkins – and Greebo, Nanny Ogg’s evil ‘just an old softie’ cat.

The fact that Nanny Ogg turns up in this book is an immediate indicator of some dirty humour, but there is plenty of cleaner humour left over to leave you laughing for hours.
It has brilliant plot full of surprises, although some of them are quite predictable. You’d think the two best witches on the disc (plus the wettest hen-est one, Magrat) would know that the humble, forgotten, destined-to-be-princess girl doesn’t have a carriage to go to the ball and so her fairy godmother makes one from a pumpkin.
It isn’t entirely clear how long the journey takes or how far they actually travel, and that bothers me.


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