Book of the Week

REVIEW: Monstrous Regiment


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 13+ (adults included)

War-crazed Borogravia, lead by a probably-dead old woman and a god who banned the colour blue and babies, is onto its last batch of recruits – which consists of a vampire, an Igor, a troll and at least one girl.

This is a clever, funny and thought-inducing book. It is not one of the usual Discworld books, which are mostly about the wizards, witches or Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and is instead focusses on an untrained, mismatched party of soldiers near Überwald. Commander Vimes does appear at times, along with Angua and Reg. The soldiers are also followed by William de Worde and his iconographer.
Monstrous Regiment has some insightful ideas about the battles and the wars that will (probably) give you something to chew over. It has a more direct deep bits than most of Terry Pratchett’s books.
It definitely has a few dirty bits, and quite directly, but not really dirty; still read it!


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