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REVIEW: Interesting Times


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 11+ (adults included)

Rincewind the failed wizard was living in perfect bliss on a forgotten island, and about to be gifted with that rare delicacy that is the potato (possibly), when he finds himself back in Ankh-Morpork with his mouth full of the world’s absolute worst sausages. The Agateans are looking for the famed ‘Great Wizzard’ and suddenly Rincewind is on the unexplored Counterweight Continent, in the middle of a civil war caused almost entirely by him with the most efficient government on the Disc after him. During his attempt at escape he meets old friends and men he’d hoped never to see again, and they are mostly the same person.

Interesting Times fits in with the first two Discworld books, about Rincewind and Twoflower. It also provides some background for The Last Hero. Unlike some of the books about Rincewind, it has an apparent, but slightly random, plot: escape. That’s not a spoiler, if you’ve read other Discworld books, or maybe just the blurb, it’s clear that Rincewind is always trying to escape something.

This is a witty, sarcastic and humorous book. It introduces the rest of Genghis Cohen’s ancient horde of barbarians and CMOT Dibbler’s Agatean double, Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala. It does seem like it took quite long to happen (about 22 years have passed since Twoflower apparently got back to the Empire), and would have thought they would have called in the ‘Great Wizzard’ sooner. I find confusing timelines and unclear passage of time really annoying, but that  might be just me.


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