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REVIEW: Soul Music


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 11+ (Adults included)

It’s hard to give a intro for this book without breaking my ‘zero spoilers’ rule (which I admit I’ve kinda bent recently), but here goes:

Death is missing. Again.
Susan Sto Helit is seeing things… like the tooth fairy. She can fade into the background when she doesn’t want to work in class and she doesn’t know why. And now a sarcastic raven and a hooded rat skeleton are trying to talk to her about her grandfather’s hearing difficulties.
Imp Y Celyn swore to be the world’s best musician, and you must be careful what you swear because you never know what’s listening…

Soul Music is similar to Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching books. It is involving (although maybe it’s just that I can relate better to Susan than to, for example, Rincewind, because I’m not a 50 year old man) and clever. If you liked Mort (the book), you should read this. It tells of Mort’s life after Death. Then again, if you really liked Mort the character, maybe not… No spoilers…

The opening line – from what I could tell (I listened to it on Audible, I don’t know where every single paragraph spacing is) – does not sound promising. Or at all 11 year old -friendly. It’s not a description, it’s a joke. Stick around for the next sentence, please.

It has lots of smart references to actual songs and events, although I’m sure I missed a lot because I’m not a 1950’s (or sometime around there) song expert. By that I mean I know that sometime last century rock music existed. Maybe. It sounds quite random if you don’t get them, trust me.


Hang on, 1950’s was the first hip-hop, I think…

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