Book of the Week

REVIEW: Pages & Co.: The Bookwanderers


Author: Anna James

Ages: 10-14

I did not start this book with high hopes, but I was quickly absorbed. The basic atmosphere is of the smell of bookshops, mystery and the magic of stories. It is based on the idea that all books have some sort of simple power or magic. (Trying not to break the No-Spoilers rule!)

 There seem to be quite a few books that use this idea around.

The most irritating thing about this book is the belief that all eleven-year-old girls love Anne of Green GablesI didn’t. I like a book with a plot, and none was evident to eleven-year-old me.

There are a few interesting kinks in the plot, but it wasn’t the most brilliant storyline ever. Not everything is concluded neatly at the end and, in my copy at least, there is no evidence in the book that there will be sequels, but I found quite a few extra books.
I’m sorry I can’t give any more useful information, but it would be impossible without giving away small but important and game-changing facts.

I would get the next book.



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