Book of the Week

REVIEW: The Murder at the Vicarage


Author: Agatha Christie

Ages: 12+ (including all adults, I’d say)

This isn’t my usual sort of book, but it’s the only new one I could find this week.
I have to admit, I enjoyed it. I must also say that the victim was obvious, but I suppose that’s not supposed to be much of a surprise.

It’s not gory or depressing, unlike some murder mysteries I’ve read. It’s quite light-hearted. It’s also important to point out, if you’ve never heard of Agatha Christie, that it was written in the early 19 hundreds. And it’s from the point of view of a vicar of that time.

I admit, I was hooked – I don’t read many murder mysteries (most that I have are gory or depressing, see above). For most of the book I thought that it was disappointingly predictable, but there’s a major plot U-bend right at the end. U-bend is way more accurate than twist; the plot makes a fast turn and ends up going the other way.

There’s some slightly unclean gossip between a bunch of old ladies, but not dirty.

I rate it high, but possibly on a different scale to that of the rest of the reviews I’ve written.



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