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Marshall: Bikes

The Bike

This might seem a little cruel, but Marshall (1 eighth Bluetick, seven eighths Foxhound, looks like a Bluetick) was never hurt.
Some time this week we took the dogs for a walk while I rode my bike. We do this often, because Marshall can easily keep up (Chloë, the basset, just goes around the block). This time, my dad (the only on who can hold him) did something we’ve always wanted to teach Marshall to do with us: ride a bike. Without anybody else holding him. We’ve always wanted to teach him to run off-leash next to the bike, but this time my dad held onto the lead, tight.

Then he took his feet of the pedals. Marshall kept going, pulling the bike uphill. And not so slowly. I think he enjoyed the exercise, because he seldom gets to pull that hard. Apparently it was easy to control him, using the brakes on the bike.

We didn’t do this for long in case Marshall went to sniff a pole, and it probably isn’t to good for him to be pulling an entire human all by himself up a hill.

I promise nobody pedaled while he was pulling the bike. He is strong.

He’s going full speed, which is fast.

To find some more stuff about Marshall and Chloë, check out All Things Dog, or for Marshall’s background, Marshall

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