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REVIEW: Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy


Author: Gary Schmidt

Ages: 12-15andpossiblyover

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly when this story is set, but I think it is in the early last century. It is based on historical events, and the Tripp family really existed.
Turner has just moved to Phippsburg, where his father will be minister. He has already managed to become the worst baseballer (or whatever you call it) in town, even though he was great in Boston, an absolute chicken and scaredy-cat, and a vandal. But then he meets Lizzie, the first black person that he has ever seen, and joins the fight against racism in the town.

I enjoyed The Wednesday Wars, by the same author, a lot more. I think that this is also supposed to be emotional, but if someone starts crying while reading Wednesday Wars it is probably not because of a sad event. It just didn’t feel as real. And it isn’t exactly uplifting. There is a lot of death, of people Turner liked. At least four, and I don’t think I was paying attention to what happened to old Mrs Hurd after she was sent away.

I think I appreciated Wednesday Wars more the second time that I read it, so maybe I’ll have to re-read this too to enjoy it. It is inspiring, I guess, but so many people make sacrifices that don’t make a difference in the end. For most of the book, it seems that everyone in the town who comes to agree with Turner… well no spoilers. But it doesn’t end well for them.

I’m not sure if this book was supposed to be inspiring or depressing, but you can read it from both points of view. One one hand, it was not what is considered to be a happy ending in 11-14 aged books. On the other, Turner doesn’t give up, doesn’t stop believing in justice, when his world is torn apart. He is still kind to the Hurds and is still hopeful.

Thinking back on it, it should have been an an amazing story. I can’t think why it didn’t feel like it while I was reading it. Maybe it’s just one of those books that aren’t there to be read, but to be remembered.

This review didn’t put this book in a very good light, but it is still a good book. It isn’t a lot like Wednesday Wars, which is what I was expecting. While in Wednesday Wars Holling just deals with the difficulties of middle grade (I think. We don’t talk about ‘middle grade’ where I live) in the middle of a war, Turner is fighting for a specific cause with great costs.



PLEASE RATE/COMMENT ON THIS BOOK. It might just be me who thinks the above of this book. Help humanity!

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