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Stuff to Do: Plane 01

I’ve had too much time on my hands during lockdown, I guess. So I started making polystyrene model planes.

Plane 1: mostly a test. I was aiming for light. Mistake. It did mostly fly straight, though, if not far. It didn’t do well in wind, although I planned it to do so specifically. I painted it black, because I was going for a specific awesome plane that I can’t actually remember the name of right now. Black is a realistic colour for an aeroplane. Not how I painted Plane 2.

I cut out this plan (well, not this one, but an identical one) and stuck each piece onto polystyrene. I then cut out the shapes in the polystyrene with a Styrofoam wire cutter. Mine doesn’t do much to paper, so I could more or less trace the shapes out. I hollowed out the body to save weight. Bad move.

Then I glued it all together. Obviously. I had made a slit right through most of the body,  so it was easy to position the first part of each wing. Then I turned it upside down so that I could glue the second parts in evenly.

When I painted it, I realized how bad it looked where I had not cut straight on the wings. I smoothed out some of the dents with glue. I also coated the nose and wing-tips in glue so that they wouldn’t break off or be squashed as easily.

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