All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick


Got a new puppy. 8 weeks. One eighth bluetick, rest foxhound, looks like a bluetick. Male, called Marshall. See Project Marshall.

This is a a copy, or whatever it’s called, of one of the earlier posts on this blog (2018) that I’ve been updating but was hard to find.Cloe+Marshell

And this is me from a two years later: he is strong. And huge. And super fast. And not necessarily very polite. But he is quick to respond to a lot of commands. Just not, ‘shut up.’ He is at the upper limit of height for both of his breeds. He is still cute, when he wants food or is sulking, or both. He is (don’t tell him) quite a pretty dog. He has such a delicate (that’s the best word I can think of) posture and run.


Bluetick Coonhounds & English Foxhounds, from my experience with quite a few (more foxhounds, though):

Marshall. Exited. Loyal. Friendly, maybe need extra socializing with other dogs. Bark to say hello to friends and strangers, especially other dogs, if they aren’t trained extremely well (and there aren’t many non-harmful ways to train them not to). This makes the other dog’s owner think they is aggressive and wants to eat them. Often only bark at other dogs if being held back on a leash.

THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE BEAGLES! If you thought this, search ‘beagle’. Look at the first pictures that come up. Search ‘Foxhound’ (probably American, but  English or anything). Search ‘Treeing Walker Coonhound’ (not Tree Walker. I think It was someone’s name). See the difference? They say that they have identical colouring. Not really. Beagles are usually paler colours, with few black, rich dark brown and red bits. The pattern of the markings is also different.
Also, the Foxhounds and Coonhounds are around double the height of a beagle (taller ones,at least.)

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