All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound

Best Basset Chloë Photos: Puppyhood

Cutest pictures of Chloë the basset hound as an very young puppy (2015)

Locked inside while the toilet paper she shredded is cleaned up
First time trying the stairs in a new world, with encouragement from new big brother Nelson
Day one. From then on, my room was hers. My bed and beanbag specifically. 8 weeks old. Such a tiny nose!
If this isn’t at least the second cutest thing you’ve seen this week (at least if it wasn’t just a photo), either you’re not normal or you have bassets


Playing on the steep sloping pool cover
About 4 months

family time, day 1

Bonus photo: One of the previous bassets, Molly. It says a lot about them

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