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Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 9/10+ (plus as in till you’re so blind you can’t read, my entire family enjoyed it)

The previous review on this book isn’t very informative, and it was written when I was 11. Writing another one will be difficult, since I have read this book so many times and first when I was 9. I’m not sure what I would say if I had read it for the first time this year. This is just an addition, to get the full story see the previous review.

Last week, Tiffany Aching (aged nine) had decided to be a witch. Because nobody likes witches where she lived and had done something horrible to the last old woman they had thought was one. She wants to prove how stupid they were – Roland could never have fit in the oven. She was lucky that she made that choice when she did, because there’s a monster in the stream and an evil elf dream-world is invading her Chalk. With Granny Aching gone, it’s up to Tiffany to rescue her sticky brother, find out what really happened to Roland and save her own world – armed a bunch of tiny, drunk blue men and a frying pan. Witchcraft definitely isn’t all flying broomsticks, magic and cackling.

It is a story about stories, and how they change the way people think. Make them blind. This was more significant when I hadn’t read any other Terry Pratchett books (this was my first).

It is funny and clever, obviously. I’m getting tired of using ‘humorous’, ‘hilarious’ and (when there is no way out) ‘funny’ when I describe Discworld books.

This book is marked as ‘for younger readers’ on the list of Discworld titles in most of the books. I think it’s still readable at any age.


*Originally, in the previous review, I gave this a 10/10, but I later changed it to be more realistic. I did just kinda make up a number close to 9.8

I’m sorry that this is such a short and undetailed review, but I hope that this review plus the previous makes a useful one. I think that the intro I gave said everything. And one you’ve read about three reviews of Discworld books (I’ve done 23 as I write, not counting updated ones like this) you can get a fairly true, if vague, view of them all. That’s not saying they’re all the same, by the way.


You can see I need a little help with this.

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