Stuff to Do When You've Got Too Much Time

Stuff to Do: Make an army of paper foxes

Want to waste paper? Waste space? Time? With mildly satisfying results?
Proof that you’ve got to much time: you’re making armies of simple origami foxes. I’m not much of fan of origami, nor craft blogs, but does make interesting photos… (and blog posts, I hope) Note: THESE ARE NOT CATS!! Why would I make a hundred paper CATS?

I started this three weeks ago. On day 1, I made 42. I slowed down after that because it really is a complete waste of paper (*gasp* SAVE THE TREES) to around 5 a day. I now have 103. I’m sorry I did this. It isn’t really what I do here (except for the pi bit), but it is fun.


All colours (I hope)


Special/unique: 1. inside-out coloured paper/holes cut for features 2. Cardboard 3. Yes, it’s foil. What you going to do about it? 4. Toffee wrapper 5. Stick note
6. Only red one. It was very effective at first, when I only had thirty others, all pastel
These were tied for smallest (2.0cm), until
Tiniest. I didn’t think I could ever make one this small, because it gets stiff and hard to fold, but I used very thin paper. 6 mm high. That’s a flat Lego blobby thing it’s leaning against (it doesn’t really stand)





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