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REVIEW: The Last Continent


Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 11+ (adults included)

The Librarian of Unseen University (home of wizards) is having problems with his morphic field – one moment his usual shape (orangutan), the next a large furry sea shell. The only way to save him needs a person who is now either on the probably non-existent continent of XXXX or over the edge of the world. Rincewind is in fact busy fighting for every scrap of food and water in a barren red desert, avoiding talking giant rabbits and trying not to save the continent this time. Except that he finds gooseberry sandwiches under every rock, and he always ends up falling into the only waterhole for miles. Every attempt to talk with the locals (but not the giant talking rabbit), about simple things like the weather, results in him running away very fast.

This is my favorite Rincewind book. I have enjoyed it twice, without getting bored (I’m not a huge Rincewind fan). Maybe it’s because it switches between the University wizards (currently stuck on an island thousands of years in the past) and the boringer wizard.

Somewhere in the front of the book (I listened to it on Audible, I have no idea where all the page breaks are) it says ‘this is not a book about Australia’. It seem true enough, the basic idea is that places similar to XXXX turn up on a lot of worlds, because they are all made by one man/thing/creator/who knows.

It’s hilarious/humorous (obviously. I need more than three words for ‘makes you laugh’ to make my Terry Pratchett reviews more diverse. Any suggestions? My thesaurus isn’t being helpful). It is also a bit not-below-eleven-years-old. There are some weird people in the carnival. Rincewind’s luggage has painted toenails and a lid-ring when he finds it again, which is slightly disturbing. 

It’s a good book. It isn’t random, unlike some Rincewind books (not mentioning names). OK fine, they mostly aren’t really random, there’s usually some god messing with him, but they still feel random.




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