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Author: Terry Pratchett

Ages: 10+ (adults included, 10s might find creepy/confusing, but manage. No inappropriate stuff)

As with my second review of the previous book in this sequence, The Wee Free Men, I don’t think I can make this a very detailed review. I grew up on this sequence; I’m not sure what I would say if I had just read it for the first time yesterday. It will help you get a better view if you also see my first review of this (although it’s very short), written when I was eleven.

Tiffany Aching, 11, has left her land for the first time ever. To learn to be a witch – not the sparkly or cackling kind. She will be working with Miss Level… who might have two noses (Tiffany can only see one at the moment) and rides behind herself on broomsticks. But witchcraft isn’t all whizzing around on brooms and glittery spells. It seems to be mostly gross chores. And being teased for, effectively, being an amazingly talented witch. (So, the usual eleventh year of life – plus a few pointed hats). And now she is being hunted by an invisible, bodyless monster from the dawn of the universe, and tracked by tiny drunk blue men who have pledged to guard her with their lives.

I always thought it was the creepiest of this sequence, although now it isn’t as bad. Being taken over by ghosts-of-ghosts, not knowing at first and unable to warn others, watch as you kill thousands.

It is very funny – the Feegles are an incredible invention. The best. Yes, most Terry Pratchett books are hilarious, but few contain Feegles. I first read (well, listened on Audible) it when I was 9, and loved it. There is humor for all ages – or maybe I was a bit of a lot of a nerdy 9-year-old (pre-established fact). ANYWAY, I still laugh.

I’m sure I still got a little lost and missed some jokes first time round though.

It is made up of two parts, or even plots. It could be two short stories, or it seems like that at first. The original expected plot only takes you halfway into the book. That is clever and all, but it does make writing the introduction a bit hard. If you’re trying to describe the story to someone, you might get a little bit lost (‘has to escape… defeat… er… help… hide… stuff’). Or at least they will.

I’m still enjoying this today. 

Like I said in the second review of Wee Free Men, I’m sorry that this isn’t very detailed. If you’ve read some other Terry Pratchett reviews, or read more than two he wrote yourself, you can make a pretty good idea of this. The Tiffany Aching books are my all-time favorite (as I said, Feegles)



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