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Bath Day

Marshall has had an itchy face for a long time. Sometimes he also licks some other random area for a few weeks, e.g. paw, leg… But since he has no coords, when he tries to scratch with a back leg he misses and when he tries with a front paw he claws himself very viciously. Early this year, the vet said to bath him weekly. They offered to do it for the first three weeks, because MARSHALL HATES BATHS. And he is huge, strong, quick, sharp (teeth, claws), so if he doesn’t want to get in he doesn’t get in. I think we bathed him the fourth and fifth week, and maybe somewhere around the tenth. We found that if we play with him, stop him being bored, he doesn’t scratch as much.

ANYWAY, we took him to the vet to be bathed today. Don’t really know why. He was walked there. I didn’t come and don’t know what he did there, because you know VIRUS as few people in a room as possible… He loves the vet. All the vets love him (‘Oh, yay! Helloooo Marshall! Come for a groom, boy?). I am aware that you remember enemies at least as well as friends.

Chloë the basset was also starting to stink, so we bathed her at home today. She doesn’t really mind being stuck in a huge tub of warm, now brown, water. She is now in the bath in the bathroom near my room. As I’m typing, I hear someone say, ‘No! No, no, urrr. No don’t! Arg!’ There is a big slosh. I think she has escaped.

So now we have a wet fluffy basset and a dry shiny silky bluetick running around the house. You know how they always get super exited when they’re wet? Marshall seems to have been dried, but he is always super exited. They are probably playing in the garden. Rolling each other over in the dirt and grass. The dry, dead, loose winter grass. I’mna go find them and get some pictures while Chloë is still so fluffy.

Yep, she was running in the mud.

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7 replies on “Bath Day”

Sorry…I did laugh at the image you painted about the ‘escapee in the mud.’ Elsa sends her sympathies. She is definitely NOT a fan of baths and I’m dreading trying to manage a recently rescued 85 lb. sheepdog by myself in the bathtub. Seems like a really stupid idea and no doubt there’ll be plenty of payback for chuckling about your story. 😆

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