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Stuff to Do: Draw Every Pratchett and Kate Milford Character You Can Remember and a Bunch of Others

Long enough title?

Okay, please don’t kick me out of the Pratchett club, I do actually remember more than 4 characters. It’s the same with Kate Milford. They are just the only characters important/detailed/interesting/unique enough to draw, or that I have already drawn. I am considering doing the men black-on-black from The Left Handed Fate (Milford), and maybe Clem and Georgie.

I apologize for the following few italic paragraphs. They are just me trying to make myself feel better about my hobbies. Summed up: I DO NOT LIKE FASHION DESIGN. Shorts & a T-shirt for me. I just like drawing and books, specifically Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and Kate Milford’s less creepy ones. I also apologize for writing so much/too much/nonsense. All you need to know is from ‘I have (head of the list) to the end of the bold text following.

Although it is completely not me, I actually enjoy costume design. Or, at least, drawing characters in a uniform position (drawing humans is not my thing. Or faces. So, no complicated positions. Only the clothes & hair. I’ll admit I might occasionally trace. That’s why they look like noodles.).

I try to draw as often as possible, to keep practicing. I drew one or two ‘magical mountain princesses’, and I quote, for a school project. I want to make this absolutely clear, the instructions were: draw a magical mountain princess, wearing red, do it and get marks. I found that I secretly enjoyed it (the art side, NOOOOT the magical mountain princess side). I did a second version, but I didn’t fully colour it. Colour is not my thing. I do pencil. Pen when I want to make a point (arghhh noo… please don’t judge me for that… not intentional… but I’m not gonna take it out).

I just coloured the creases of the dress a little with water colour pencil marks (it’s like using water colours, but the cheap way). Just enough to indicate what colours it would be. I like the effect. I still prefer pencil only, extreme detail and accuracy style instead of impressionistic or whatever, but there is only so much you can draw.

I only put this on this blog (and I’m assuming I did, if you are reading this. Otherwise things just get complicated and I’mna have to get out the headache medication. I said ‘did’. I am writing this NOW. I WILL HAVE done. I understand and apologize if you haven’t managed to get as far as this sentence, sometimes I just like to rant a little. Yes, I know, but I need to close the brackets now 3…2…1… because it’s a very Discworld-fan thing to do. I draw book characters. Only one Kate Milford right now, four Discworld and two from a book I wanted to try to write a while ago.

I started a few weeks ago, and I have sort of run out of characters. I moved onto characters from my one-chapter story, but even then I only got two. I don’t know what Cathy, Claudia, Jacob, Samuel or Finn look like, except that they wore whatever they wore in the early 19th century. I did all these drawings in one drawing book, otherwise unused, and I hope to fill it up with fictional characters. Suggestions? They must be interesting to draw.

I will put up pictures of all of them, but first I will see if I can spreed them across multiple posts to force you to give this blog more views. Mwahahahaha

Characters 2xL+E

I have:

  • Susan Sto Helit with the rat and raven from the last book about her, Thief of Time – Terry Pratchett
  • Walter Plinge from Maskerade – Terry Pratchett
  • Tiffany Aching from any book after her first* – Terry Pratchett 
  • Angua von Überwald from most books set in Ankh-Morpork – Terry Pratchett. The chainmail in particular was fun.
  • Lucy Bluecrowne from The Left-Handed Fate**  – Kate Milford
  • Erin Woodhart from The Book I Tried To Write – Me
  • Lucy James/Peterson (I seem to have given her two different surnames) from The Book I Tried To Write – Me (not in full detail)

All the bodies are in more or less the same position and shape (I only changed it up a bit even for Walter and Angua the muscular not-necessarily-human). I don’t do any detail for faces (except, of course, for Walter, in evening dress and a mask).
I don’t want to make up faces for characters not my own, and usually ones that are. You know. You don’t want to fix your view of a character. It isn’t easy to pin down the image, and it won’t really change after you get it wrong. You know. It’s a bit like why you read the book before watching the movie.

My Susan Sto Helit drawing is sort-of coloured with just an HB. I couldn’t find any of my five 6Bs, and I didn’t want to commit to something unerasable. So the dress is just scribbled in greyish, I suppose to indicate that it should be black to… who? I’ll fix it up soon. And I know black isn’t a colour. In the end, it was my first in a while and a bit of a flop. I did get the hair right, though.

The only two I added any colour to were Lucy Bluecrowne and Erin, but I don’t know how well it shows up in these photos (my computer screen isn’t great). I added a tiiinyy streak or two of yellow to Lucy’s hair and a tiiinyy streak or two of brown, to give the impression of her hair colour (streaky, I think).  The colour isn’t obvious, it just adds to the body of the sketch. I also added a touch of red to one stripe of “the same heavy cotton trousers the crew wore”. I’m not so sure I should have, but it actually doesn’t look so bad.

I drew the hair with more defined and consistent lines than usual, trying to acknowledge the drawings in the book. The dress is different to the one in the book though, I tried to improve it but still kept the pockets and scrappy-look. I’m going to say it: the dress in the book is disgusting.

I messed up the wind-blown bit of the dress quite badly, the left side would be blown upward as well as away. I realize I didn’t do the tie-up string things of the original top. Maybe I should, it won’t look bad.

I coloured the creases and shadows of Erin’s dress dark blue. I used a water colour pencil, but just as a pencil. I really should have done it water-colour style. There are layers to the skirts, and I coloured in some of the lower ones visible at the bottom lighter green and blue. It isn’t the best colour-combo to work with and took some work to make it look at all not-disgusting, but I challenge myself to stick to the text’s descriptions. I tried to make the same subtle hair-colouring as I did with Lucy, but it’s too yellow and obvious. Also, I had to go with a ponytail because I seem to have lost all ability to draw a thick plait going over the shoulder.

My Terry Pratchett reviews

My Kate Milford reviews

*A Hat Full of Sky, The Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight, The Shepherd’s Crown. I know Tiffany Aching isn’t very original, but I didn’t do the blue dress+white apron. I did green dress, hat, silver horse, and nail ring (for non-Tiffany-readers, that is a nail like what you hammer into stuff, not the things on the end of fingers). I suppose the ring means it is actually from the end of A Hat Full of Sky. I think mine looks older than 11, though. Hmm

**And probably some others I haven’t yet read; Kate Milford has an intriguing (and fun) tendency to bring characters from another related or unrelated book into every new book, in the background.

BTW I know there’s something funky with the font size above but I don’t feel like re-typing the entire thing so you’ll have to deal with it.

Any character suggestions?

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