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These dogs. Hounds. Regrets? Sometimes.

Two things everyone knows about hounds: independently intelligent, howl.

Marshall the Bluetick x 7 Foxhounds and Chloë the basset hound once had this thing. They’d sit facing each other, lift there noses to the sky and howl. I have no idea why. But it is loud. *BTW, the half sentences are a writing style.

It’s so cute. It’s so irritating. This morning, I had to record an oral for school. Firstly, I hate online orals. You have to have it perfect = 3 978 tries. Second: there will be three hundred and twelve dogs howling in the background.

Well, I thought it was three hundred and twelve. Turns out it was just two, at the time at least. Chloë was more or less just yawning at Mozdog, but Marshall was yelling his lungs out. I repeat: it’s so cute. It’s so funny. I was trying to record a speech.

I will also point out that Marshall has massive lungs, so yelling them out it as an impressive show. Right now, he’s busy shouting at the two unidentified fluffy… off track, I realized I was unknowingly past halfway through UFO. Unfortunately, I could not find a word I was comfortable using in a sentence and could make the use sound clever. Suggestions?… little yappy things. And that was what we call an ambiguously constructed paragraph. Probably.

Bottom line: I love’m, but they are. So. Loud. Fellow hounders will understand. It’s part of the fun. At least I could procrastinate on the speech – which, alone among it’s kind, I could not even bring a teeny mention of dogs into.

These dogs. Hounds. Regrets? Sometimes. Seldom. Pleasure? Always.

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