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Random Puzzle (Sept) Part I

Keyword ciphers are fun. Most treasure-hunt riddles are. Running key ciphers are a nightmare to manually crack without the key.

So. Yep. But I’m making this a little more fun. This week’s cipher will be finding the key to next week’s. I know this was published on the last day of August, but it’s close enough to September to be a September puzzle… I hope.

Creating riddles is not my thing, but treasure hunt ones are slightly easier. And less cringe-worthy. Basically, I somehow send you somewhere to find something – in this case that you can use to help crack the next code. I’m just using posts and pages on this site. You can, and should, use the search.

I think that these are quite easy, especially if you do them in order and check the extra hints from other posts.

Random code-y thing starts…now

Using the previous cipher/code/thingy I used on this site (figure it out without any clues, I promise it’s easier than it looks the first time you read it, or see all code-y stuff):

Ajen, Ksey, Abtty nda Orasildn esocdn obko
Acsera ichpre +4 htne unemiracl ussbitutitno, idigatl orto fo erutl. Hte ifsrt owdr si hte aparrgpah on, hte entx wto hte tnh owdr fo htta aparrgpah ot eb hte ekwyrod.

Double-encrypting like described in the ciphertext above:

Bassets: are cuter.

The key for the next part of this puzzle (only the first three words are the key. The rest are just ramblings) as a keyword cipher:

Kdqn-ges hkn aidxhblkr.
E qdhierd schs h ilkbdq gdywlqn wltin chvd oddk jlqd daadusevd, ots E nenk’s whks sl jhgd scer sl uljmieuhsdn. Es whr kls dhry sl bds schs ihrs ulnd sl ihkn lk schs wlqn. E hirl gklw schs lkd idssdq wlqnr hkn uljjhr cdim sl bevd scd uemcdq hwhy, rl E trd scdj. Kdxs sejd, E jebcs trd lkd la jy nlb mlrsr lq h Sdqqy Mqhsucdss qdvedw. Hk eksdqdrsekb mqlmdqsy la idas sl qebcs gdywlqn uemcdqr ER schs scd idssdqr hqd lkiy rtorsestsdn odalqd scd himchodseuhiiy ihrs idssdq la scd gdy ek scd miheksdxs himchods. Midhrd sdii jd ea ylt trdn scer sl qdhn scdrd wlqnr.

Again, using online cipher tools is not cheating. I often do to make these things.

Ask for extra clues if you want, please tell me if you solved this, enjoyed it, completely didn’t get it, if I made a mitsake, no spoilers please, you know the drill, thanks.

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