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Random Puzzle (Sept) Part II

This is the 2nd part of what I hope will be a month long puzzle of codes and ciphers. See the first before trying this, unless you can crack running key ciphers without any hints.

This part of the puzzle only has two… I could say two parts, or I could say two puzzles. Which is worse?

I tried to avoid any sort of rhyming riddles. Actually, I tried to avoid riddles *.* (full stop).There is, however, a clue that uses ‘rhymes with’. Just to be clear, I don’t want to put anyone through rhyming riddles.

I also made the running cipher as short as possible – but not only because I’m a nice person. It’s easier to crack than code, believe me (when you have the key to crack with, that is). 

This week’s puzzling:

The second post referred to in this part of the key is a previous codes&ciphers post (you will have to search through all those posted before today: 2020/09/08. There are only 6, I think):

seu arpgrapha [on. orwsd ni 1st inle fo odce fo: nde hyresm itwh ‘orld’)
gnireo unptuctiano ni hits extt (hitgsn ot…)]

Finally, the running key cipher:

ear’kdojdii ataym’zrrgopurtm

Please tell me if you managed to solve this. I’m willing to give hints/help right here if you ask; I’m not practiced at giving ciphers on that perfect level of difficulty – not impossible, not boring.

Pleeeaassse tell me if I did something incorrectedly. It would be so awkward if I had and then you just left me to be laughed at like a bunch of eleven-year-old bullies.

Part III


– Stages of trying to crack a code that’s just. Not. Happening. Decided from evidence over a large study group. So tell me if I messed it up. I (probably) won’t be offended.





Just to remind any honest people out there, there are loads of online running key cipher solvers available when you have the key. I used one because I was tired  supposed to be studying  doing homework being a lazy teenager. I did start by hand. This reminder to all honest people who have only just met the internet is a reward for scrolling this far, past the randomness (half a rotation of that knobby thing? A centimetre’s drag of the finger?)


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