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The Dam, the Dirt and the Ducks – Marshall the Bluetick

I like Ducks. I know that now. When I woke up yesterday, I did not. Yesterday was a Day of Revelations and Eye Openings.

The humans took me to a New Park yesterday. The main feature is a Dam. There were men Fishing in the Dam. Now there are not.

Chloë the basset made a Hopeless attempt to cute some Bait out of these Fishermen. One gave her Tickles. As If! He was really trying to kidnap her and steal her identity with a magic stone hidden in the sharp bit floating around his Stick, supposedly on Invisible String, to Take Over the World As We Know It and obliterate All Biscuits! Thankfully, I realised this and Heroically launched myself at him before he could do so. I even nearly got some of the Bait. I did totally absolutely not jump on him to get Tickles and Bait, whatever they say.

I love the Paths at the New Park. There are so  many Cool Twisty High Fallen Trees and Rocks to be Jumped over. The Leash-Holder was very Grateful for my Guidance over these obstacles, but I was going so fast that he couldn’t keep up and I had to slow down to enjoy the moments.

There were a few little Streams that were also fun to fly over. Sometimes I Splashed Around in them while we waited for Chloë to catch up, just for fun. It was so Hot! The water splashing over me was wonderful and I attempted to escape to deeper water where I could swim. The Human didn’t like this, saying I was getting Muddy. I like my Human, and so I dried myself off for him by rolling in the Dirt. I have no idea why he gave me that Really-I-Give-Up Look.

Then came the Real Dam. I was lead past it in a Strangely Hurried Manner, as the Leash Holder does when he doesn’t want me to see something. Obviously, I instantly began searching for what this might be. This was how I first noticed the Duck.

There was a dark shape floating on the water. I began to notice more. Only then did I recognise them – I’ve seen Ducks before, but Long Ago and From Far. I stared. My mind was filled with them. Duckduckduckduckduckduckduck Duuuuckkk!

There were ducks on the dam, now there are not.

I knew that these things were destined to be my friends. Or to be evil little Masterminds that needed to be Taken Down and Consumed. I began to shout. Duckduckduckduckduckduckduck Duuuuckkk! Duuck! Duckduck Duck!

I have no idea why I was dragged to the car. They closed the Boot Door and got in the front. A small victory occurred when I realised that I was still covered in mud. Hehehe. Now I am not. But their car is.

Duckduckduckduckduckduckduck Duuuuckkk!

– Marshall the Bluetick x Foxhound


PS they put Chloë in the Shallow Pool to clean her. Ha! I will never fall for that. Pools are Evil. I refuse to get wet, even up to my Ankles, and they will Never trick me!

See Chloë the Basset’s version of this

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