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Random Puzzle (Sept) Part III

This is the 3rd (obviously) part of the September Random Puzzle. It’s going to be simple, and then take you to the end! Yes, I was feeling a bit lazy.

Don’t try to solve this part, especially this part, of the overall puzzle without first doing the first and second. They’re all really simple if you do them in order.

OK, well here it is.

Using the page you were sent to last time:

RN (random number) = number of books on my shelf written by one of my favourite authors. Use of Google/search engine of your choice permitted (in case you can only see the title).

Every RN+[number skipped in Caesar Cipher in Part 1]th owdr, starting with [number skipped in Caesar Cipher in Part 1]. I intentionally worded everything awkwardly, so that you can’t do this by spotting irregularities😁 Heehee. :

Our basset hound’s name is horrible for using on this site. The fiddly little dots of the e in Chloë are a pain. WordPress, the thing my blog uses, isn’t helping me find a shortcut. It’s a big irritation. Why couldn’t she just be a ‘Spot’ or a ‘D-O-G’ (pronounced Dee-O-Gee)? I can Ctrl-C the name for later Ctrl-V-ing, but still…
+, because I couldn’t find a sane way to use ‘backwards’ in context, backwards.

OK, that’s it, you know the deal now: comment if you solved/didn’t solve this, ’twas too easy, I messed something up, actually I’m not going to ask you to ask for hints this time because this is so. Simple. That I’m slightly ashamed, and thanks for existing [cue my twirly-hat bow].

The last part of the puzzle will be posted next Monday (28/09/2020). You will need a password to open it – the password you (hopefully) just discovered. NO CAPS. But nice try, it is not a password I can ever use except on that one post. Once past the password, you will discover a boring, cheesy, congratulating message.

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