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Patience (update)

Back on the first day of August, so like long ago, I wrote about ordering Bluecrowne (Kate Milford) (although I was rambling a lot and so that might not have been clear) Even at the time I had been waiting for it to come. Well, now it’s Oct 14, and the last I heard we were talking about like 6 weeks from now.

And then the 3rd Nevermoor (Jessica Townsend) book is (probably) out. Maybe both books will be found at the real bookshop, now accessible. Yeah, that’s how long ago I ordered Bluecrowne. When bookshops were not an option and the world was 100% online… instead of 92.453332makingthisup%.

So this is really just a really quick update on how my shelf life is going. Just because. Anyone else having this trouble?

See my post Bookshelf Blues for the backstory to this, although good luck navigating the plotless chatter.

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