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As I foretold, this part of the year was filled with semi-strange humans and dropped food – but, by some miracle, the humans lost the Elf Suit. I wonder if that had anything to do with the Scrap of green chew-toy that I heroically Discovered and was Kind enough to share with Marshall…

The Season of Bird Scraps began by the Tragic Disappearance of the Young Humans, and therefore the Closing of the Door to the Room of Beanbag. A few days later, Marshall and myself were stuffed into the Park Car and were transported over the entire day to a New Place. At this New Place, we were greeted by the Strangish Humans and our Young Humans. This was followed by a Feast, and then a Nap.

The New Place has a Beach. The Beach has Sand. The Sand smells like Fish. There are Birds that like the Fish on the Sand. These Birds are Prey.

My fist encounter with these Birds was memorable. One swooped down past me. Swooped! The Insolence! Obviously, I could not stand for it. And thus began the Chase.

Marshall and I sprinted after it. Instead of Apologising, it Screeched. Screeched! It flew towards the waves, followed by the greatest Basset Hound ever (and a moderately OK Bluetick Coonhound). As soon the Bird passed the sandy foam that lay at the edge of the water, my baby brother backed down. Now it was just me and the Seagull…

I Barreled into the water as only a Basset can. Soon the water was up to my chest and Large Ripples wet my chin, but I Courageously Ploughed On, thinking only of restoring Pride to Dogdom. I could still see the Enemy, Screeching like a demon.

Now larger waves, nearly fifteen centimetres high, were visable – but nothing would hold me from my Prey. A Large Wave sprang from Nowhere, hitting me square in the nose. As I snorted out the Sand, I realised that even my own superpowers could no longer locate the Seagull. I had lost it! Lost!

Miserable, I headed back to the Humans and their Fish Bait, deep in Sorrow and Shame. And this was when my life changed. I caught smell of another Seagull! It was Flapping just above the dunes, and naturally I chased. It Flapped faster before rising. A good bit of Barking sent it on its way. And then I realised what it had been Flapping about.

Half of a very dead squid lay in the sand.

On reflection, maybe I don’t hate Seagulls so much.

 – Chloë the basset

Chloë the basset hound lying next to a Dangerous Swimming sign on the beach
That’s what they say, yeah.

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