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Ten Recent Reads

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This is my second Top Ten Tuesday post. TTT is a weekly… thing where anyone can write their list on chosen topics, by That Artsy Reader Girl – if you liked this, or want to try it out, go check see it^! And yes, I know today’s Wednesday.

Probably in order from most recent to least, including Audible books:

  1. Masquerade (Terry Pratchett) – kinda funny. Makes fun of operas and musicals. Not my favourite T.P. though
  2. Equal Rites (Terry Pratchett) – Humorous but a bit slow.
  3. Reaper Man (Terry Pratchett) – Amazing. The UA faculty wizards AND Death? + werewolves, zombies and self-conscious bogey-men?
  4. Wyrd Sisters (you guessed it) – slightly slightly disturbing, but clever, cynical and all the rest. Ghosts & the Lancre witches. Makes fun of clowns
  5. The Long Earth series (Stephen Baxter and, erm, Terry Pratchett) – Sci-fi-y and unputdownable. Sometimes some are a bit slow, and the first I definitely need to listen to again cuz man it’s confusing. Sci-fi-ish isn’t really my style, but these are OK
  6. *A whole bunch of other Discword books (Terry Pratchett) – The series most of this guy’s books are part of. Satire, hilarious, clever and lighthearted, but still deal with real issues. (e.g. Why is everything so dumb?)
  7. Bluecrowne (Kate Milford) – Captivating and beautiful early book in the Greenglass House series, no surprise. All these stories seem to have some weird lacy silver quality, like their Old Iron. A better word for all this author’s historic-fic books would be tales. You’d get all this if you read them.
  8. The Left Handed Fate (Kate Milford) – Sequel to Bluecrown, everything still applies but more. Fast-pasted and action-packed but still comforting and cozy.
  9. The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman) – It’s hard to review this book. Follows the growing up of one boy, but still seems to have a clear aim and antagonist and stuff. Fascinating. Coming-of-age, but not even a teeny bit cheesy. Not at all predictable. Definitely a rainy-day-in-bed-with-hot-chocolate read. One of the best.
  10. The Castle of Tangled Magic (Sophie Anderson) – Meh. Good plot, I guess, but kinda cliché. Power of love and belief stuff. Good illustrations, though.
    Side note, I took this of the shelf and have it next to me to check the author, and I can clearly smell bookshop without even opening the pages. I’ve only ready once, but that was like in Jan when I got it. (OK, fine, maybe it isn’t a recent read, but I never reviewed it and all the books between now and then were T.P.)

Like this? Check out TTT. I’ve already told you this.

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