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This is just a test

I love my dogs. Who doesn’t? (Love their own dogs, I mean.) I try to write about said dogs’ adventures, in as humorous a way as possible, here. But sooner or later, well. Umm. Here ends the well-worded part of this ramble.

So, and I know this isn’t really my favourite thing to do, but I’m… I still can’t say it. Asking for inspiration.

I’ve seen people do this, and is almost always cringy (cringey?) – but since my dog stories generally are anyway, I’m doing this. This is just a test. To see what happens. To see if there’s any interest. Expand this hobby a little bit. Make this more interactive. If there is anything fun that comes out of this, I’ll use it. Maybe I’ll just procrastinate more. 

Just stick a few words in the comments and (maybe) I’ll write something related to them based on a true story of Chloë the basset hound or Marshall the sort-of-Bluetick (although really Marshall the mostly-pure some-sort of Foxhound who looks like his great-grandpa). Please no stupid suggestions. Something clean and with dog-related possibilities – also note that this is still a 9-16 book-dog-nerd blog.

All stories will still be true, my own, and if you have your own site I’ll link to it, otherwise I’ll just mention the username. So no stupid usernames please.


How it feels to try to be a writer when you’re still 14 + what it makes you want to do.

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Books, dogs & nerdy things

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