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Top 10 Books with Naturish Covers

This is a post based on a Top Ten Tuesday prompt from That Artsy Reader Girl. Go check out the page for other posts, it’s really worth it.

So. Ten books with nature-themed/landscape covers? Easy.

Book covers of the White Giraffe series (five books)
  1. The Penderwicks in Spring -Jeanne Birdsall. OK so it’s not the most wildlifey illustration, but there’s grass and birds and spring stuff
  2. The Wee Free MenTerry Pratchett
  3. Lizzie Bright and the Buckmaster Boy -Gary Schmidt
  4. Bluecrowne –Kate Milford
  5. Ghosts of Greenglass House -Kate Milford
  6. Why the Whales Came -Michael Morpurgo
  7. I Am David -Anne Holm
  8. Greenglass House -Kate Milford
  9. -10. The White Giraffe series (it would be cheating to use all five books, but I’m not counting the series as one book so there.) -Lauren St John

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