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Juvenile Authorship

What? Yeah, even I don’t think that’s a thing.

When I was nineish, I started writing a book about our three bassets at the time: Nelson, Molly and puppy Chloë. I spelled (spelt?) that last name ‘Cloe’, possibly because it is so irritating to get that e with the thingies on top (I can never remember the shortcut so I just copy-paste the whole word). Possibly because I was nine.

(This is a post from the old drafts section. I wrote it about a year ago and now it’s not 100% relevant but maybe still interesting to you. Hope it makes more sense with that in mind)

I finished it when I was ten. I rediscovered it recently, and was quite impressed by nine-year-old-me’s skills. For nine years of age. I, or rather my mom, thought, why not publish it for nine-year-olds? I’m not so sure. Not so sure that I want my name on a book written by a nine-year-old, as an advanced and grown up and intellectual fourteen-year-old. I’m sure every nine-year-old wrote a book. But how many books do you see that say, ‘written by a nine-year-old for nine-year-olds’? It has a very nine-year-old plot.

But then I learned that my favourite cousins (mmm, I better not let any other cousins see this. Let me rather say ‘closest’ or ‘favourite younger’) intend to leave the country before next March. How they will manage that in this current world, I’m not sure. I need these people. They’re my little brothers. Better not let my other brother see that, either. We need our dream Northern Hemisphere white Christmas holiday to happen next year. Which means: me and brother need to finance as much of it as possible. I don’t know why, but I like the challenge.

So I’ve been going over this book. Fixing mistakes. Adding to the 45 pages of text in Word in reading mode, font size 15. Why not? Aim it at nine and ten, ask my author-aunt if she will help me, illustrate it (the best bit. I’ve been drawing bassets since I could hold a drawing instrument). Sell 20 Kindle copies, one US dollar each, =300 South African Rand. Better than mowing lawns, at least.

I also have no idea why I wrote this post. There is no point. I am just procrastinating. It’s a Tuesday morning of online school. We’re learning about making websites. Haha. If I end up being a 9/14 year-old author, I’ll tell you. I have a Plan. I’m sure I can do that thing where I advertise books through this site and then get some money if people buy through it. I checked a while ago, and I’m eligible. You see where I’m going with this.

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