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I have a MoYu 3×3 pamphlet, but no Moyu 3×3

I found it on my desk, and I know I’ve seen there before, but I can’t remember where it came from. I have a MoYu 4×4 and its tutorial, which includes the step ‘solve like a 3×3’ (sort of. Translated from whatever language by Google Lense and turned into normal English-Cubian by me). Maybe it included a separate 3×3 tutorial. That, or it came from an ancient non-cube MoYu bundle I got two years age – unlikely to get a 3×3 tutorial with a trash square-1, skewb, pyra or mega. Plus, I’m pretty sure I threw all those manuals away.

So I’m pretty sure it’s from the 4×4, but it’s still a very random thing to discover I’ve had all along, OK? Let me tell my story without bringing logic in please.

Anyone have any other ideas, or can prove my theory?

By storiesnstuff22over7

Books, dogs & nerdy things

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