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Megaminx VHLS (edge): Help me

No, I’m not crazy. I’m just collecting the simpler algs, the easy to recognize & learn ones (and the ones for those few cases you see, recognize, and then just DNF the solve to save yourself the effort).

If you don’t know, VLS (Valk Last Slot) is a method where you orientate the last layer while you’re solving your last F2L pair. It’s designed for 3×3, so on a megaminx the best any human can manage is orientating the LL edges. From my minimal research, that’s called VHLS (Vandenbergh-Harris Last Slot). There’s probably a reason VLS isn’t a word I hear often in 3×3 videos, but I’ve done some maffs and it’s ideal for mega.

If you’re not a megaminxer and are thinking, Don’t be lazy just learn VLS (Or, Why the heck do you bother with that damn puzzle anyway. That one is justifiable), please note that there are over 12 hundred mega OLL algs. That’s two algs a day for two years. Full VLS? You can try if you want, but I’ll give it a miss.

One problem with doing edge VLS: there are no algs online. I need to make them up myself. Which is fun for the first few, but once you get to 1-edge-oriented all you can do is sledge then EOLL.

I’m going to try set up a site for the algs, but I’d like a second opinion on them. And preferably a third and fourth, too. At the moment all I have is inserts where the pair is connected and an odd number of edges oriented. (and I’m proud of them, I’ll admit. Well, the ones for three edges oriented.) I figure that about 1/3 of LS cases end up simplified to a connected pair in the top layer. Almost every case if you count the pair in R U R’ inserts.

Please, if you’ve got a mega or know someone who’s a megaminxer, please share any algs you/they know. They’re pretty simple and fun to figure out, so if you’ve got any free time and it’s too cold to practice, maybe you can try figure out a case or two. So far mine are relatively intuitive and short, saving about 5 moves each. I’m using them in solves already.

If I set up a site or something I’ll link to it here. Thanks!

Here’re my extremely rough and blurry notes for few algs so far (most of them are almost to intuitive to be called algs but I didn’t use them before so¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Last slot: light green/pink/dark blue.
Grey as U layer, green as F layer
I promise the site or whatever will be neater

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