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Being a cuber… basically anywhere but the US

… has upsides and downsides.

Upside: less competition for NR (that’s a joke, before someone says cubing isn’t about rankings)

Downside: All the cube stores are in the US

Upside: if you’re sub 30 3×3 you’re in the top 300 South Africans

Downside: shipping from The Cubicle is $44

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Megaminx VHLS (edge): Help me

No, I’m not crazy. I’m just collecting the simpler algs, the easy to recognize & learn ones (and the ones for those few cases you see, recognize, and then just DNF the solve to save yourself the effort).



During warmup, during class.

Let it be the first of many.

BTW if you’re thinking oh that’s nothing, it isn’t. I started megaminx six months ago, so yeah, I’m a beginner, so you have to let me celebrate even if it’s lame to the rest of you. The punctuation in that last, sentence sucked.

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I have a MoYu 3×3 pamphlet, but no Moyu 3×3

I found it on my desk, and I know I’ve seen there before, but I can’t remember where it came from.

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I need a new cube…

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Sometimes Quantity is Quality

10 Rubik’s cubes. R550 (+/-40USD). 20 sec. solves??

Apparently so.

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A Bunch of Brilliant Terry Pratchett Quotes

Ten (plus a few extra) Terry Pratchett quotes that sound cool but will probably can never actually have personal meaning and really shouldn’t have been taken out of context. Mostly funny, but also including slightly creepy, inspiring, depressing and cynical.

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Surprisingly accurate…

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Juvenile Authorship

What? Yeah, even I don’t think that’s a thing.

When I was nineish, I started writing a book about our three bassets at the time: Nelson, Molly and puppy Chloë. I spelled (spelt?) that last name ‘Cloe’, possibly because it is so irritating to get that e with the thingies on top (I can never remember the shortcut so I just copy-paste the whole word). Possibly because I was nine.

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Top 10 Books with Naturish Covers

This is a post based on a Top Ten Tuesday prompt from That Artsy Reader Girl. Go check out the page for other posts, it’s really worth it.

So. Ten books with nature-themed/landscape covers? Easy.