Project Marshall

Project Marshall

Here I will record Marshall’s training stages. I’ll start with obedience, then move onto sent training. See Daily snippet for a description of Marshall.

All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick


Got a new puppy. 8 weeks. One eighth bluetick, rest foxhound, looks like a bluetick. Male, called Marshall. See Project Marshall.Cloe+Marshell

And this is me from a two years later: he is strong. And huge. And super fast
And not necessarily very polite. But he is quick to respond to a lot of commands. Just not, ‘shut up.’ He is at the upper limit of height for both of his breeds. He is still cute, when he wants food or is sulking, or both. He is (don’t tell him) quite a pretty dog. He has such a delicate (that’s the best word I can think of) posture and run.

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Bush Basset

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By the way, this should really be called Weekly Snippet, but Daily Snippet sounds better.

‘THE CANINER’ found Chloë first. Well done!