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RandomCipherCuzIWasBored 01

I made this because I was bored. You’re reading this because you’re bored. Remember that and forgive me for this.
This is pretty simple alphabet based code with no purposeful message, punctuation is not coded

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Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: an essential addition to the nerd-kit

Like mathematics? Puzzles? Thinking? Prime numbers? Pi? You need this book.

‘Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension’, written by Matt Parker (if you’re reading this, you probably know him), is the most enjoyable maths book you could hope to find. Learn about hexahexaflexagons (almost as awesome as dodecahedral not-Rubik’s not-cubes), the official way to colour in knots, four-dimensional straws, base-three card tricks, domino calculators, impossible-but-not numbers, binary scarves and Klein bottle beanies

Codes&Ciphers&Stuff Nerd-out Corner



Each sentence is in a different code. There are 6 sentences.

You can solve them any way you want to, but this clue might help (or make you roughly 200 times more confused).

Codes&Ciphers&Stuff Nerd-out Corner

Codes and Ciphers 2

•• — —• •••

• •

•••• •

••• • •••

crack this!    

Codes&Ciphers&Stuff Nerd-out Corner

Codes and Ciphers 1

J.P        *        =       

0.RJ      *        =        ◊

T.E       *        =        ◊

0.IT      *        =        ◊

R.U       *        =        ◊

0.JR      *        =        ◊

note that in 0.JR, 0.IT AND 0.JR, the first digit is a zero (0), not O.
  • * = x 10/ 100

  • each pair of s  (1st+2nd, 3rd+4th, 5th+6th) = 100

  • each letter= 1 digit i.e. A=6, ( now no other letter can be 6)

  • no letter is 0 or 5

How many solutions can you find?

Arrange the letters to make the name of a planet. Find the solution which gives the planet’s name the highest value.

Leave the answers in the comments.





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Bush Basset

Spot the Basset

and tell me her positions in the comments.




By the way, this should really be called Weekly Snippet, but Daily Snippet sounds better.

‘THE CANINER’ found Chloë first. Well done!