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REVIEW: Gracie and the Emperor


Author: Errol Broome

Ages: 11-16

‘Napoleon’s coming,’ said the man.
‘Who’s Napoleon?’
‘Freddie, I’ve told you.’
‘The scary one! Why do I have to see him?’
‘Because everyone wants to see him – just to look at the man who almost ruled the world.’
‘So why’s he here?’
‘Because, Freddy, in the end he lost. The English beat him.’
‘But he’s here! Why’s he here?’

Gracie also wants to know. This monster-man has cost her her job and her home. So she heads away from the St. Helena town turned over by him, and slowly begins to discover what makes monsters men – and men monsters.

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Random Puzzle (Sept) Part III

This is the 3rd (obviously) part of the September Random Puzzle. It’s going to be simple, and then take you to the end! Yes, I was feeling a bit lazy.

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The Dam, the Dirt and the Ducks – Marshall the Bluetick

I like Ducks. I know that now. When I woke up yesterday, I did not. Yesterday was a Day of Revelations and Eye Openings.

The humans took me to a New Park yesterday. The main feature is a Dam. There were men Fishing in the Dam. Now there are not.

All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound Daily snippet NEW/Random

The Dam, the Dirt and the Distress – Chloë the Basset

Humans are Astounding, Strange Creatures. Yesterday, ours took Marshall and me to a New Park. It is mostly water.

Book of the Week Book reviews NEW/Random

REVIEW: The Penderwicks at Last


Author: Jeanne Birdsall

Ages: 9-14 (although I might re-read it at 15)

It’s only a few months to Lydia’s oldest sister, Rosalind’s wedding and Lydia couldn’t be more exited. But she is bringing home some surprise news tonight, and not even Lydia and her brother Ben’s best attempts to scare her into telling them NOW are working. Not even Batty, possibly her favourite sibling, will tell of her suspicions. But that will only make the surprise better. The real problem (for now) is that Batty’s boyfriend and, most importantly, his dog are planning to go west.

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Ten Best ‘Younger Reader’ Book Covers E.v.e.r. (?)

Ever=so far/for the next 3 months? I’m heavily biased anyway. Oh, and only of tween/teen books.

This is my first ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ post (a weekly booky thing from That Artsy Reader Girl – go look). I’ve always wanted to do one of these thingies, and this is the perfect subject: Cover art. I’m not going to get creative, I’m just doing the obvious – although doing ‘cringiest covers anyone on this planet has ever seen’ was tempting and very me, I get way over ten before I leave books for nine year olds (not… Going… To… Say… Harry.. Potter…).

Book of the Week Book reviews NEW/Random

REVIEW: The Penderwicks in Spring


Author: Jeanne Birdsall

Ages: 10-15 (and really, older if you want.)

Batty Penderwick’s world is more or less flawless. With recently discovering a wonderful and secret talent, Rosalind Penderwick and Jeffery Tiffon soon coming to visit, and her birthday coming up, nothing could go wrong. All she needs to do is find some way to make money and get rid of Rosalind’s new boyfriend. But then a gut-wrenching overheard conversation throws her life out, leaving only ‘After Batty’ to take care of her siblings – and dogs.

All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound Daily snippet NEW/Random

Admitting Defeat

Ever tried to wash a basset hound? Yes, well, if you have, you know where this is going. 

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll remember the last time we washed Chloë the basset. You’ll remember it wasn’t much of a fight. You’ll remember that the problem was keeping her clean.

Book of the Week Book reviews NEW/Random

REVIEW: The Penderwicks at Point Mouette


Author: Jeanne Birdsall

Ages: 10-14

As the Penderwick family is shredded (even if it’s only for two weeks), hot-tempered and smart 12-year-old Skye is left in charge of her younger sisters. Seems simple. Except that she has nearly been murdered by the neigbour’s dog, nearly murdered the neighbour and his dog, and forgotten how to stop 5-year-old Batty from blowing up… And dreamy Jane is obsessed with the weird boy from town, Batty with golf balls and Hound with seaweed. Plus an unexpected guest, a literally life-changing realization and a harmonica equals a mess.

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Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: an essential addition to the nerd-kit

Like mathematics? Puzzles? Thinking? Prime numbers? Pi? You need this book.

‘Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension’, written by Matt Parker (if you’re reading this, you probably know him), is the most enjoyable maths book you could hope to find. Learn about hexahexaflexagons (almost as awesome as dodecahedral not-Rubik’s not-cubes), the official way to colour in knots, four-dimensional straws, base-three card tricks, domino calculators, impossible-but-not numbers, binary scarves and Klein bottle beanies