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OK, so maybe I haven’t posted anything in more than a month. I’m really sorry. I’m just letting you know I’m still alive, despite the best efforts of homework.

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As I foretold, this part of the year was filled with semi-strange humans and dropped food – but, by some miracle, the humans lost the Elf Suit. I wonder if that had anything to do with the Scrap of green chew-toy that I heroically Discovered and was Kind enough to share with Marshall…

All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound NEW/Random

Christmas is coming, the puppy wants a goose

Arggg! Only 24ish days to Christmas! Which means, inevitably, The Costume. There are good things and there are bad things about this time of year, the worst of which is certainly The Costume.

Book of the Week Book reviews

REVIEW: We Dream of Space


Ages: 11-15 (give or take)

Author: Erin Entrada Kelly

It’s January 1986. As in, Challenger launch (nearly). This is the only thing keeping Bird Thomas going, and from going. As in, going from her family. Finch Thomas is kept going only by his favourite arcade game, Major Havoc. And Cash Thomas? Well, it could be the girl who sits in front of him in class, but it definitely isn’t his basketball skills.

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Patience (update)

Back on the first day of August, so like long ago, I wrote about ordering Bluecrowne (Kate Milford) (although I was rambling a lot and so that might not have been clear) Even at the time I had been waiting for it to come. Well, now it’s Oct 14

Book of the Week Book reviews

REVIEW: Gracie and the Emperor


Author: Errol Broome

Ages: 11-16

‘Napoleon’s coming,’ said the man.
‘Who’s Napoleon?’
‘Freddie, I’ve told you.’
‘The scary one! Why do I have to see him?’
‘Because everyone wants to see him – just to look at the man who almost ruled the world.’
‘So why’s he here?’
‘Because, Freddy, in the end he lost. The English beat him.’
‘But he’s here! Why’s he here?’

Gracie also wants to know. This monster-man has cost her her job and her home. So she heads away from the St. Helena town turned over by him, and slowly begins to discover what makes monsters men – and men monsters.

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Protected: Random Puzzle (Sept) Part Last – find password from Part III

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Codes&Ciphers&Stuff Nerd-out Corner

Random Puzzle (Sept) Part III

This is the 3rd (obviously) part of the September Random Puzzle. It’s going to be simple, and then take you to the end! Yes, I was feeling a bit lazy.

All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick

The Dam, the Dirt and the Ducks – Marshall the Bluetick

I like Ducks. I know that now. When I woke up yesterday, I did not. Yesterday was a Day of Revelations and Eye Openings.

The humans took me to a New Park yesterday. The main feature is a Dam. There were men Fishing in the Dam. Now there are not.

All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound Daily snippet

The Dam, the Dirt and the Distress – Chloë the Basset

Humans are Astounding, Strange Creatures. Yesterday, ours took Marshall and me to a New Park. It is mostly water.