All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound


Chloë the basset hound has really benefited from playing with Marshall the Fast. sprinting around the garden trying to keep up with him has made her the fittest and fastest basset I have ever known. If you feel her very carefully you can feel her ribs! This does not mean we need to feed her more, it is a good thing and a sign of health. We sometimes walk her and Marshall around the block and I always time Chloë. She used to take about 22 minutes and her record was 19 minutes, but recently she crushed that time with an amazing-for-a-basset 11:53!🙄

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Bush Basset

Spot the Basset

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By the way, this should really be called Weekly Snippet, but Daily Snippet sounds better.

‘THE CANINER’ found Chloë first. Well done!