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Bath Day

Marshall has had an itchy face for a long time. Sometimes he also licks some other random area for a few weeks, e.g. paw, leg… But since he has no coords, when he tries to scratch with a back leg he misses and when he tries with a front paw he claws himself very viciously. Early this year, the vet said to bath him weekly. They offered to do it for the first three weeks, because MARSHALL HATES BATHS

All Things Dog Marshall the Bluetick NEW/Random

New Clothes – Marshall the Bluetick

red.jpgGot some new stuff on Sunday. Including a New Harness. We went to the Park to try it out.

It’s very red. The girl Younger Human says red isn’t my colour. She says I’m more blue and black, but that This Red is still Handsome.

All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick


Got a new puppy. 8 weeks. One eighth bluetick, rest foxhound, looks like a bluetick. Male, called Marshall. See Project Marshall.

This is a a copy, or whatever it’s called, of one of the earlier posts on this blog (2018) that I’ve been updating but was hard to find.Cloe+Marshell

All Things Dog Chloë the Basset Hound Marshall the Bluetick

Winter for Dogs

The dogs (Marshall the one-eighth Bluetick Coonhound [racoon hunting hound] seven eighths English Foxhound who looks like a Bluetick and Chloë the basset) dealing with the coldest winter of their lives

DSC_0957 - Copy
To cold to sleep outside
All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick

Back at the Park – Marshall the Bluetick/Foxhound

FIRST WALK IN THE NATURE RESERVE! Yes! We haven’t been there since before the latest Disappearance of the Humans, before the start of the Eternal Presence of Humans. It was as exiting, if not more, than the First Walk in the streets after the Eternal Presence. (I’m not sure if I would say the Eternal Presence is over, but it’s not Eternal at the house, so I don’t care.)

All Things Dog Marshall the Bluetick

Marshall: Bikes

The Bike

This might seem a little cruel, but Marshall (1 eighth Bluetick, seven eighths Foxhound, looks like a Bluetick) was never hurt.
Some time this week we took the dogs for a walk while I rode my bike. We do this often, because Marshall can easily keep up (Chloë, the basset, just goes around the block). This time, my dad (the only on who can hold him) did something we’ve always wanted to teach Marshall to do with us: ride a bike

All Things Dog Daily snippet

Lockdown Dogs

Just some lockdown pictures and random bits of information of and about the dogs – Chloë the Basset Hound and Marshall the exactly one-eighth Bluetick Coonhound (raccoon hound) and 7 eighths pure foxhound who looks exactly like a Bluetick.

All Things Dog Daily snippet Marshall the Bluetick

The First Walk – Marshall the Bluetick/Foxhound

First walk in centuries! These people never take me out these days!
The moment they picked up the leads I knew it – the days of oppression are over! First thing out the gate – sniff the other side of it. Haven’t smelt (smelled?) that cubic centimetre in forever

Daily snippet Project Marshall


Nothing much new happening with our puppy. He has found a fascination with beds, and is not getting the message that he’s not allowed on them. He has no trouble finding a comfy place to lie with his long legs. I am trying to teach him to leave a treat on his head, later to move to his nose

Project Marshall


He has learnt to wait for his food while I put it down, even if I step away. We have used a choke chain while walking (don’t worry, we do not hurt him. The trick is for him to learn to respond to the sound of the chain and realize that when he’s wearing it, it’s not time for tug-of-war), and he doesn’t pull so much. His socializing is going well