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Chloë the Basset

Books, Bassets, Nerdy Things

OK these days it’s actually one Basset Hound and one Bluetick Coonhound (racoon hunter)x 7 probably-American-I-should-probably-check Foxhound, but ‘Books, Bassets, Blueticks and Nerdy Things’ is too much.

Chloë the basset is five and Marshall the Bluetick is two. We live in South Africa, in case that’s interesting. It seems that this is an unusual combination, because we three come up as the first site if you search ‘blutick coonhound, ‘basset bluetick’ or ‘bluetick south africa’ in WordPress. Just ‘bluetick’ gets you a lot of sad abanoned-teen love poems. Clearly Blueticks aren’t very famous. I say that because at the time I discovered this I had 75 posts and this page, (minus from ‘It seems’ to ‘save time’), only about 7 of which were about the dogs. This is not a lot, just to be clear.
So, people, my the point of that bit was: get a Bluetick, get a headstart on the market gap, and burn the furniture now to save time.

Favourite authors: Terry Pratchett, Kate Milford
Favorite dog breeds: English (Redtick) Coonhound, Basset Hound
Colours I don’t like (here, for decorative purposes): 1.orange 2. pink 3. yellow 4. red
Digits of Pi Readily Available in My Mind: 59. But I can only do 18 in one breath right now. This statement will be updated often; I started on the next thirty yesterday.
Favourite thing to do in 1/2hr free: speedcube (particularly megaminx)

This is technically a blog, but that sounds so 2010. It is mostly aimed at 11-16, but if you like basset photos, mediocre speedcubing, or just want book reviews, no problem. Sort of ‘by kids/tweens/teens for kids/tweens/teens’ except that there it only one author (teen).

Books: Book reviews every week, or more often if I feel like it.
Dogs: Just random stuff about my dogs.
Nerdy stuff: Ciphers, more intense cool mathsy things (well I want to, and there is some hidden within other stuff) and reviews of interesting nerdy books. To be honest, I am ashamed of both the quality and quantity of nerdy stuff I say here. I am way more of a nerd than it seems. If you are a nerd of over 8/10, you will probably feel above it all (although find the puzzles fun). Just wait. One day I will stop procrastinating. Probably. But maybe some other time.
Ciphers&Codes: I give an encrypted paragraph, you give the plaintext* (if you want) *I just finished a book about WWII cryptonalasists
Cubing: if you’re not a cuber, this category might be confusing

South Africa in a map of Africa

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